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How to create mp3 files using Windows Media Player

  1. Insert your favourite CD.
  2. When the “AutoPlay” dialogue box pops up, click on “Rip music from CD”.  You might have to scroll down to see it.
  3. When Windows Media Player pops up, it will start ripping the songs automatically.  If you have a fairly fast computer, this should take only a few minutes.  Once it’s finished, the CD will pop out.
  4. Now if you wish to find out where the mp3s are stored, just click on the little arrow below “Rip” in the toolbar (top middle).
  5. Click on “More Options”.
  6. Under the “Rip Music” tab, you will see the words “Rip music to this location”.  That is where your music is now stored.  You can change the location of future mp3s by clicking on the “Change” button and choosing a new folder on your computer.

The “Options” box is also where you can change the rip settings and the audio quality.  Personally I prefer the “MP3” format and the “Audio Quality” set to “Best quality”, which ensures very little loss in sound quality.


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How to create an MP3