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Change Text Size of Web Pages in Internet Explorer

If you find the text size of web pages either too big for your liking or too small to read, just do the following:

  1. Open “Internet Explorer”
  2. Click on “Page” (top right)
  3. Navigate to “Text Size”
  4. Pick one of the sizes from “Smallest” to “Largest” and click on it

You’re done!

* If you don’t want to change the text size permanently, you can use the zoom feature of Internet Explorer simply by pressing Control + or Control -.  This changes the size of websites including text and graphics for your entire browsing session until you close out Internet Explorer. 

When you open Internet Explorer again, you will find everything back to the default size.  This is GREAT for those of us who momentarily misplaced our reading glasses!!!  Oooooh yes ………….. you KNOW who you are!!


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Change Text Size of Web Pages in Internet Explorer