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How to disable programs from “Startup” the easy way!

Sometimes when you install certain programs, you find that they start up as soon as you boot up your computer or laptop when you don't want them to.  Personally I try to keep startup programs to a minimum to save on resources, so I disable certain programs from startup such as “Windows Live Messenger”.

My children installed it to chat with their friends, but since I don’t use it, I prefer to keep it out of “Startup” altogether.  The best way to disable a program is to go into the program itself and find “Tools” or “Preferences” category.  It will usually have an option to disable it from startup.

However some programs do not have this option, in which case you can use this tip to disable it.  It will still be fully functional after you disable it from Startup, so you never have to worry.  You can create a shortcut to it right on your desktop for easy access or drag and drop it into the “Quick Launch” area of your toolbar, or  just go to “Start” and type the name of the program or even just part of the name into the Search bar.

To disable a program from startup:

  1. Click on “Start”
  2. Type “Windows Defender” in the “Start Search” bar (you don’t even have to use caps)
  3. When “Windows Defender” pops up, click on “Software Explorer” (middle option on the right-hand side)
  4. Click on the program you do not want to run at startup and click “Disable” (bottom right)

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Disable a Program from Startup the Easy Way.