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How to add Gadgets to Windows Vista Sidebar

The Sidebar that comes with Vista Operating System is actually a nice addition, especially if you have enough ram (at least two gigs) to run it without problems.  You can add a weather gadget, email contacts, calendar, etc., and if you want more you can go to a website that has hundreds to choose from.  Just remember, the more gadgets you have in your sidebar, the more computer resources they use up.

To install more gadgets, follow the steps below:

  1. Right-click in an empty spot on your sidebar and click on "Add Gadgets" or click the + sign at the top of the sidebar.
  2. When the Gadget box pops up, just double-click on the one you want to add it to your sidebar, or if you want to look for different gadgets, just click on "Get more gadgets online" (bottom right).

If you don't like one of them, just right-click on it and click "Close Gadget".  If you change your mind later on, you can always get it back by following the steps above.

* If your sidebar disappears and you want it back, click here for instructions.

* If you don't like the Vista sidebar, click here for instructions to get rid of it.


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Customize Gadgets in Vista Sidebar