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How to put shortcuts in Quick Launch for easier access (right of the Start Menu Button).

If you find yourself overloaded with shortcuts on your desktop and they’re taking up too much space, you can clean them up and still have easy access to the icons.  Simply do this:

  1. Single click and hold the button on the shortcut
  2. Drag it to your “Start” button
  3. Drag it across a little to the right in your taskbar.
  4. As you drag it, you will see a tiny white line appear between the little icons.
  5. Choose where you want to position it and drop the shortcut wherever you wish.

After you finish dragging and dropping as many shortcuts as you wish, you can then delete them on your desktop to clean it up.

* If you don't have Quick Launch in your Taskbar, just click here to find out how to put it in the Taskbar.


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Put Shortcuts in Quick Launch for easier access and a Cleaner Desktop