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Create a password reset disk

If you have set a password for your Windows Vista account and find that you forgot it or somehow it does not work, you will be forced to reinstall the operating system.  You should always be prepared for this eventuality by creating a password reset disk ahead of time.  If you’ve locked yourself out before you had a chance to make a password reset disk, you can always make one by using a friend’s Vista Operating System.  The password reset disk is just that, not specific to that particular computer, but applies to all.

To create a password reset disk, do the following:

  1. Click “Start”
  2. Type “user accounts” in the “Start Search” bar
  3. Click on “User Accounts” (above)
  4. Click on “Create a password reset disk” (top left, under “Tasks”)
  5. Have a USB Flash drive, memory card or floppy disk handy
  6. Follow the onscreen instructions


*This reset disk is like a golden key that can access any Windows Vista account no matter how many times the password is changed, so keep the disk safe.  The simple truth is that anyone with access to a Vista computer can make this disk and hack into any account on any Vista computer!  So much for passwords!  ‘Nuff said!

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How to Create a Password Reset Disk