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How to Create a New User Account

For safer computing, it's wise to setup a new user account.  Each user then has the option of customizing their desktop wallpaper, icons and programs to suit their own taste and needs.  Each account also has its own private Documents, Pictures and Music folders associated with it.

You can also limit the user priviledges associated with that account, preventing programs from being installed without your consent.

To create a new user account:

  1. Click on the "Start" button.
  2. Click on "Control Panel"
  3. Under "User Accounts and Family Safety", click on "Add or remove user accounts"
  4. Now click on "Create a new account" (under the box listing all the existing accounts
  5. In the box "New account name", type the name you chose for the account
  6. Below the box, pick the type of privileges you want the account to have, Standard user or Administrator
  7. Now click on "Create Account"
  8. Now you will see the new account with a little picture beside it among the other accounts

To change the picture associated with the account or to set a password, just click on the account and you will see all the options you have for that account.

The next time you start up your computer, you will see the new account at logon along with the existing ones.

If you are working on something and wish to switch to a different user account, you don't have to close out the program in which you're working.  Just go to "Start" button, click on the little arrow to the far right of the "Start search" box and click on "Switch user".

Your work will remain intact while the other user account is being used.  Both accounts will remain active until they're logged off.

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How to Create a New User Account in Vista