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How to create a new separate toolbar out of any folder

If you find yourself constantly opening the same folder to access your work, you can  create a new toolbar out of it for easier access as a separate toolbar on your desktop.  Just do the following:

  1. Just navigate to the folder of your choice, click and drag it to the very edge of the  left or right of the desktop.  Preferably the left, as most people have the Vista sidebar on the right.
  2. Click to let it go and you will see a new toolbar containing all the contents of your folder appear right before your eyes.
  3. If you want to change the size of the icons, just right-click on the name of the folder in the new toolbar (usually at the top) and navigate to “View”.  Here you will have the option of having large icons or small icons in the new toolbar.
  4. If you wish to “Auto-hide” the new toolbar (have it slide out of sight when you’re not using it), just right-click on the name of the folder at the top of the toolbar and click “Auto-hide”.

If you don’t like the new toolbar, just right-click on the name of the toolbar and click on “Close Toolbar”.  When the “Confirm Toolbar Close” dialogue box pops, just click “Ok” and it’s gone.


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Create a New Separate Toolbar out of Any folder