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Change which program opens a file by default to the program of your choice

  1. Click “Start” button in your taskbar
  2. Click on “Default Programs”
  3. Click on “Set your default programs”
  4. Click on the programs you want to use to open that particular file type.  If for instance you want to use Winamp to open mp3 files instead of Windows Media Player, click on “Winamp”
  5. If you want this program to open ALL file types associated with it, click on “Set this program as default”.  However if you want this program to open only one or two other file types, click on “Choose defaults for this program”
  6. Check off which file types you want this program to open
  7. Click “Save”
  8. Click “OK” and you’re done

If you can’t find the program of your choice listed among these, follow the first two steps above and then:

  1. Click on “Associate a file type or protocol with a program
  2. Choose the extension (file type) you want you chosen program to open with a single-click on it
  3. Click “Change program…”
  4. If you see your chosen program in the “Open With” box, click on the program and click “OK”.  If you don’t see it listed there, click on the little arrow to the right of “Other Programs”.  You should see it listed there.  Click on it and click “OK”
  5. Click “Close” and you’re done!


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Change which Program opens a File by Default