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How to Fix Your Own Computer!

Easy Vista tips are all you need to increase your computer skills, build your confidence and make your pc experience a breeze.

Do you know your way around your own computer?  Are you sick of asking friends to fix it?  Most of the annoyances you experience are easily fixed. 

The tips, tweaks and tutorials you find here will not only enhance your computer skills, but also help you to safeguard your valuable documents, email and contact list in case your computer crashes.  A dying hard drive should never have you pulling your hair out!  Unless of course you’re into that sort of thing!

The only instruction I give you now is to know the difference between left-click and right-click.  Left-click means to click the left mouse button (usually index finger) and right-click means to click the right mouse button (middle or ring finger).  Now that you know the difference, feel free to use the tips.

We'll walk you through the most simple skills such as

I would also urge anyone with a Vista operating system to make sure they HAVE ENOUGH RAM.  If you have only 1 gigabyte of ram installed, you will be highly likely to experience an extremely slow computer, program shutdowns at the most inconvenient times, and even spontaneous reboots!  Vista needs at least 2 gigs of ram to run smoothly.

The reason I started this website is for all the people who would like to ask questions about their computers, but are afraid to ask for fear of sounding stupid.  In my mind, there is no such thing as a stupid question, if it’s something that’s bothering you.

If you have a problem that is not addressed here or tips you would like to share, simply email me and I’ll add it to this website.


How to fix your own computer - Home Page